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Advances in dentistry enable us today to preserve teeth that would have been lost only a few years ago. We apply the most sophisticated techniques to preserve your teeth.

Our Service:

Treatment of Periodontitis

Untreated, the inflammation of the periodontium, most frequently caused by bacteria, inevitably leads to the loss of teeth. To avoid such a negative outcome we perform periodontitis treatments in line with the most recent scientific developments. For example, we determine which bacteria cause the inflammation, we check on genetic predisposition, and try for gentler treatments with ultrasound and laser.

Root canal therapy (endodontic therapy)

We perform state-of-the-art laser root canal treatments and conduct electrometric measurements of the canal.

Caries Infiltration

Caught early modern treatment of caries does no longer require any drilling.

And if repair is required, after all?

Then we use a wide variety of aesthetic fillings from high-grade material.

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