Prevention tops Repair!

Well-kept and healthy teeth are attractive and send out a positive message. Don’t allow caries and periodontitis to ruin this impression.

Plaque is the main cause of these lifestyle diseases. Removing plaque keeps billions of bacteria from forming an invisible deposit, which causes first gum bleeds and ultimately the loss of teeth.

Our Service:

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional plaque removal (hard and soft) and the cleaning of interdental spaces are supplemented by a sophisticated tooth care program for you to follow at home.

Tooth Care for Kids and Youth

Start early to learn good cleaning techniques to avoid problems with teeth and gums. Our kid-friendly cleaning seminar teaches our young patients to take good care of their teeth right from the start. We also talk about the causes of caries and what is good for their teeth – and also what they should avoid.

Prophylaxis for Patients with Braces

We also provide professional tooth cleaning geared towards the needs of patients wearing braces.

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