Far away from home and in need of dental care?

Our dental office is ready to serve the English-speaking community of Leinfelden-Echterdingen and beyond. We understand the anxieties involved when looking for medical care in a foreign country. We speak English and are ready to cater to your needs with compassion and competence.


Is at the center of a successful life in which you achieve your aims. We cater to your well-being, we are ready to take care of all your dental needs with respect, competence and a high degree of responsibility.

Your trust in our professional care is at the core of every successful treatment. We are committed to making every step in the process transparent and comprehensible. Your well-being is central to our care. We hope you can feel this atmosphere of compassion whenever you stay with us.

Office Hours

Mo 08.00 am–12.30 pm
02.00 pm–06.00 pm
Tu 08.00 am–12.30 pm
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We 08.00 am–02.00 pm
Th 08.00 am–12.30 pm
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Fr 08.00 am–01.00 pm
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